This sliptrailer is great for a couple of key reasons, firstly it's so soft and easy to squeeze, which makes it really comfortable to use. If you can find a tool that's pain free after prolonged use, it's really worth investing in.

Secondly, it doesn't suck air back in, like the more usual firm bulb shaped trailers. So I get good control, without losing any of the energy in my drawings, combined with less spluttering and gentle fluidity. It really suits my illustrative decoration.

I can't use anything else for my sliptrailing anymore, this is the one for me!!  

Jessica Turell , Lynmouth Pottery, UK

Instagram: @jessicaturrell_ceramics

At last I got to do some work with the slip trailer. It did take a bit of getting used to, because it is so different from the slip trailers I’ve previously used. Very quickly I found a way to hold it, which was incredibly comfortable. I can now honestly say it is better than anything I have used before. There are so many pluses, and I particularly like how easily the ‘tips’ can be changed, and how the bulb can be sealed without fear of pigment drying out. A fabulous product all round, which I heartily recommend. Forgot to mention that cleaning the tips is an absolute pleasure.

John Shirley, South Africa

Instagram: @john.shirley.ceramics

Once I was used to using the slip trailer it became a delight to operate. You can get a high degree of accuracy with it, as you can hold it like a pen and it solves my gripes with previous slip trailers I have bought, in that it doesn’t splodge and doesn’t cause your hands to ache. In short it is the best slip trailer I have used and I suspect the best slip trailer that you can purchase today.I found once the trailer was filled and all the air expelled, air was never sucked back into the trailer, which meant absolutely no splodging of slip and not having to prime the trailer by squeezing out any air before going onto the pot.   

Lee Cartledge, Bentham Pottery, UK

Your slip trailers are brilliant, no air, no bubbles = smooth trailing.

Don Kopyscinski, USA

Mark's slip trailers absolutely rock!, Simple the best investment I’ve made.

Candace Cann Kvinsland, USA

I got the slip trailer this morning and I couldn’t stop using it. I decorate on bisque and I found the grip is easy and quickly adapted to it. I like the way I’m able to use it in any position, thanks to the vacuum. The air is not sucked back in like other trailers. I’m very happy with my purchase. Today is a good day, I got the thinner needles for the Mark Dally Slip Trailer and I’m thrilled. The line is fine, just as I like it.

Domininique Chaulic, France

I am absolutely in love with these slip trailers, they have made my life so much easier. It folds so nicely and comfortably in my hand which gives me the easy and free movement to decorate. The large nozzle is great for embossing.  

Ilze Maartens, South Africa

Instagram: @ilzeceramics

Using Mark’s slip trailer has transformed the way I work. The range of nozzle sizes makes it so much easier to work precisely and I don’t get the hand fatigue that I used to with the traditional bulb type of trailer. No fatigue means no more shaky-hand, and the smooth and predictable flow means no unexpected spurts or sudden dry runs.I have two now for ease of colour changes, and can’t imagine life without them now.

Louise Atkinson, UK

Instagram: @louiseatkinsonpottery

I am delighted with Mark Dally's slip trailer, particularly the number of different thicknesses available in the tips. Several of the people on my pottery courses, have worked successfully with the slip trailer, creating confident textured and decorative ceramic pieces. They found it very easy to use.

Gillian Smith

Arts studio Amsterdam

I was looking for a slip trailer that would help me to emulate something of the antique Moorcroft pottery. I needed a trailer that could supply a consistent fine line and avoid the problems associated with air inside the bulb. The Mark Dally Slip Trailer provides this and more, with its selection of nib sizes I've found it a very good tool. Highly recommended.

Simon Olley, UK

Thanks for sending your marvellous slip kit last week. I have had a chance to try it with my glaze trailing idea and have actually got somewhere with it, so I am really pleased with how the slip trailer bag works so sensitively. 

Mia Sarosi, UK

I have been using your slip trailer this weekend, it is fantastic, love it! So many obvious details like the syringe to clean the tips. It’s a brilliant slip trailer -tube liner, possibly the best I have used. Fits perfectly into the palm of your hand with varying nozzles .... win win! Cannot thank you enough, will be passing the word around, making sure everyone knows.

Lise B Moorcroft, UK

I just used it on Saturday for the first time and I’m excited!!! And I think your slip trailer is the best!!! It fits very well in the hand and is easy to handle. I will recommend your slip trailer to my friends !

Sabina Betz, Switzerland

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with your slip trailer. My slip is a little runny and it has only been pushed through an 80 mesh, but this is my first attempt at using it. Wow! Impressive, Thanks.

J. Bunting, UK

Having lost my previous supplier of slip trailing equipment  I was very happy and relieved  to find Mark Dally’s very professional slip trailing kit appear on the market. The trailer is very well adapted to tube lining and is in fact an improvement on what I have been using for more than thirty years! Comfortable in the hand and easy to use it is the only viable slip trailer for anyone who wants to practise tube lining.

Jonathan Cox, UK

I love it because it fits my size hands and gives lovely accurate slip trailing. It’s easy to put together and easy to clean. It’s a great product and a long awaited update of a Potters staple tool.   

Elaine Wells, UK