The Mark Dally Slip Trailer

After 30 years experimenting with every type of slip trailer, I perfected the Mark Dally Slip Trailer to overcome problems like suction, line quality limitations and RSI.

It’s a pleasure to work with my slip trailer for hours at a time, with absolutely no hand ache. The soft latex slip bag stops air sucking back in, allowing fluid, continuous slip trailing without spluttering, splodging, and priming. Eight interchangeable stainless steel tips expand your choice of line thicknesses, from bold to delicate. With the half-twist connector system, you can achieve quick changes for uninterrupted work flow across line qualities. Its lock mechanism puts an end to tips popping off under pressure, even using higher viscosity slips.

Mark Dally Ceramics

After training in textiles, I applied my love of surface pattern to ceramics for my MA. I produce handmade earthenware slip-decorated tableware, and sculptural ceramics. Inspirations include traditional Staffordshire slip trailing, industrial Stoke on Trent ceramics like Ridgway ‘Homemaker’ and Carltonware ‘Walking Ware’, and the anachronisms of 1950s and ‘60s sci-fi comics. I like to combine traditional and industrial techniques in a contemporary take on Staffordshire slipware and figures.